Beautifully Situated In The Pocono Mountains

750 Acres of Pristine Nature

A Variety of Cozy Facility Options

Dining Facilities On-Site

Two Picturesque Lakes

Dozens of Hiking Trails

On Site Team Building Activities

Pocono Plateau Camp and Retreat Center’s facilities are beautifully situated among the Pocono Mountains scenery. Our center is open year-round, providing a picturesque space for camp or group gatherings during all seasons. While on our grounds, you are likely to see a variety of wildlife including birds, porcupines, chipmunks, deer, and the occasional black bear!

We offer a variety of lodging and meeting spaces for families, youth groups, church groups, college groups, businesses, and more! Click here for the facilities gallery.

Please see the virtual tour of our property below! Click on the waffle icon in the top left corner to change to different buildings.

Main Site

The main site is where it all started. A few of Pocono Plateau’s original structures still stand on the main site today. Over the years, more buildings have been adding including a dining center and lodges. The main site also has a scenic view of Pocono Plateau Lake, the Nature Center, Hiking Trails, and The Camp Store.

Moore Lodge

Total capacity is 78. Moore Lodge has three wings of bedrooms for four people (two bunk beds per room) and one separate room with a private ½ bath. Each wing has a shared bathroom with two showers and two toilet stalls. Moore Lodge has a small gathering space in the front with sofas.

View Moore Lodge Floor Plan

Carlson Lodge

The total capacity is 32. Carlson Lodge has two wings, each with two bedrooms holding eight people per room (four bunk bed per room). Each wing has two bathrooms, on handicap accessible and the other has two showers and one toilet stall. There is a center meeting space with tables and chairs and a small refrigerator. Carlson Lodge is handicap accessible with a wheelchair ramp.

View Carlson Lodge Floor Plan

Cedar Lodge

Cedar is located next to the Fellowship Hall Chapel and Birch Room.

Total capacity is 24. Lower Cedar Lodge has bedrooms areas ranging from four to eight people (all bunk beds). Lower Cedar has a shared bathroom with 3 showers and 3 toilet stalls.

Total capacity is 11. Upper Cedar Lodge has five bunk bed and one single twin. The bathroom has two showers and two toilet stalls.

View Cedar’s Floor Plan


Log Cabin

Total capacity is 13. Log Cabin is a charming cottage with a porch overlooking the lake. Log Cabin has three bedrooms (six bunk beds and one single bed). There is one full bath and a ½ bath and a front and back porch. Log also has a small sitting area. During summer months, Log is the nurse’s cabin and is used as the infirmary.

View Log Cabin Floor Plan


Gate House

Total capacity is 8 (1 queen bed, 1 double bed, and 3 twin beds). Gate is a two-story building with three bedrooms. One full bathroom, living room, dining room, and a small kitchen.

View Gate House Floor Plan

Adventure Site

If you want to experience the outdoors more fully, the Adventure Site is waiting for you! The Adventure Site is a short 1/4 mile hike from the Main Site and includes of six different cabin sites. Each cabin site includes two cabins for a total capacity of 16 per site (cabin #1 sleeps 7, cabin #2 sleeps 9). Cabin sites have a cooking fireplace and picnic tables with a dining fly. Meals are also available at Springer Dining Hall. The Bathhouse is a short walk from each cabin site and includes men and women’s bathrooms with 6 showers and 5 toilet stalls.

The Adventure Site is usually open from mid-August through late October and late April through May, weather permitting.  There are no indoor meeting rooms at the Adventure Site. Reservations at the Adventure Site includes use of the Adventure Lodge (open covered pavilion) and Vista.

Rustic Cabins

Adventure Site has 6 sites with 2 rustic cabins at each site. At each site, one cabin holds 9 (4 bunk beds and 1 single) and the other holds 7 (3 bunk beds and 1 single). Each site also has a fire pit, tool shed, and BBQ grill for cooking. The Bath House and Adventure Lodge are within walking distance.

The Bath House

The Adventure Site has a spacious and clean shared bath house equipped with a men’s and women’s side with 6 warm showers each and 5 toilet stalls. The Bathhouse has cubby spaces for campers and retreat guests to keep their toiletries and towels.


The Vista

 The Adventure Site has a gorgeous overlook of a camp equipped with a fire to end beautiful summer evenings with a snack or sermon. 



Just like the kitchen is the heart of the home, our Springer Dining Hall is the heart of our main site. Overlooking our scenic lake, Springer Dining Hall is the perfect place to break bread and share a meal with fellow campers or retreat guests. Our kitchen staff works diligently to provide an assortment of delicious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, guests can receive nighttime snacks, baked goods, and coffee service. Our summer camp and youth retreat menus are kid friendly and adult retreat menus can be tweaked as needed to provide broader options. We pride ourselves in offering a well-stocked salad bar with fresh produce and alternative protein options.

Food is served along a hot and cold bar and guests are invited up by table for food service. Drinks include water, coffee, tea, and assorted juices/punches.

Food Allergies

Our intake forms for retreat and camping guests include a section to provide possible food allergies or restrictions. We will try to provide accommodations and alternatives for guests provided we receive advance notification.


Meeting spaces are available for guest and retreat groups to gather in large or small groups. Retreat groups under 50 get one meeting space included in their retreat package. Retreat groups over 100 will have one meeting space plus 1 additional break-out room. Additional meeting spaces can be reserved for an additional charge. See Retreat Pricing

Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall is our largest meeting space on the main site and can hold up to 125 people for meetings, worship, and activities. The space includes a stage, tables, stackable chairs, a large whiteboard, and a small sound system with a microphone. There is a single bathroom in Fellowship Hall.



Birch Room is a comfortable space for medium-sized groups, adjacent to the Fellowship Hall. Birch has some sofas and stackable chairs, a whiteboard, and tables. Birch Room capacity is 50. Birch Room has a small refrigerator.



Lake Room is a large gathering space by Lake Pocono Plateau. It is connected to the game room and has a whiteboard and chairs and tables. Lake Room is great for indoor games and activities. Lake Room has a small refrigerator. There is a single bathroom in this building.



When available, Carlson Lodge has a meeting area in the center of the building that holds 25. This space has tables and folding chairs with a fireplace and small refrigerator. Carlson is handicap accessible with a wheelchair ramp and private bathroom.



When available, Spruce Cabin has a living room area perfect for a small group or breakout session. This space has tables and folding chairs with a small refrigerator. Spruce holds 10-12 comfortably.



The pavilion is an open-air covered area just off our ballfield. It is a perfect space for an outdoor group gathering or picnic for a day-use event. The pavilion is often used for team-building games and activities on rainy days. The pavilion holds 125 guests.



The Adventure Lodge is an open-air covered area at the top of our Adventure Site. There is electricity and an adjacent bathhouse. It is a perfect space for an outdoor group gathering or picnic for a day-use event. The Lodge holds about 100 people and is often used for games and activities on rainy days.


Pocono Plateau’s Facilities have a variety of other amenities across our 750 acres of properties to accommodate a ton of seasonal activities including over 7 miles in hiking trails. 


Pocono Plateau’s main lake picturesquely sits alongside Pocono Plateau Road and offers fishing, ice skating, and more throughout the season.


Beaver Lake is our secondary lake, created by beavers! It offers a scenic hiking trail and blueberries when in season. 


Our Camp Store is open occasionally during retreats, and once a day during the summer. It t offers a variety of Pocono Plateaulateau gear as well as essentials like shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste.


The Zacharias Nature Center sits alongside a creek and houses a number of donated specimens for adults and children alike to marvel at and learn more about nature.

Boat Dock and House

Our Boat Dock keeps our kayaks, row boats, and canoes on shore during spring, fall, and summer. Our Boat house holds our vital life jackets, oars, and canoes. 

Fishing Pier

Our Fishing Pier allows adults and children to easily access our lake to fish. Our lake holds largemouth bass, perch, and a number of different pan fish.

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder is a great place for a camp fire year round with a breathtaking view of the stars on a clear night! It’s also the perfect spot for sledding in the winter months!


Our staff can facilitate or set up outdoor games across our 750 acres including on our ball courts, ball field, and Jacob’s ladder.


Our staff can facilitate or set up outdoor games like soccer, and Andrew’s Game(ask what it is!).

Campfire Locations

Our grounds have over 10 approved fire locations. Be sure to ask about fire wood and a fire extinguisher.


Get in Contact with us by calling 570-676-3665 or by visiting our contact page below.

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