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    General Fund Donations

     Pocono Plateau appreciates our partners in                   ministry.  Thank you for your support!

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     Pathway to Our Future                  Funding Initiative

Pathway to Our Future is directly paying off the current loan principle of $397,000 for the Springer Center.  As of today, donations to PTOF are over 53% of the loan principle, or $210,835.

The Springer Center is the hub of hospitality at Pocono Plateau.  The meals shared together at camp provide not only food for the body, but food for the soul.

Please consider donatng towards a monthly principle payment of $2,206.  Payment options range from a full principle payment to a portion of the monthly principle.  All donations go toward directly paying down the principle.

Camper Scholarship Fund

  Help Change a Child’s Life!  Every child deserves    a chance to experience God’s love and grace in      the caring Christian community of summer camp.

  • "Designate the Amount"                      Donation helps send children to camp
  • $150 Donation                                       Help send ONE child to camp
  • $300 Donation                                       Help send TWO children to camp
  • $450 Donation                                       Help send THREE children to camp
  • $600 Donation                                       Help send FOUR children to camp


Pocono Plateau is a member of the Christian Camp and Conference Association.American Camp Association AccreditationPocono Plateau is an EcoEternity site, an alternative to traditional cemeteries.Pocono Plateau is a chart member of the Association of United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries.