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Moore Lodge                                  






Moore Lodge has three wings of bedrooms for four people (two bunk beds per room).
Total capacity is 78.  More information and interior photos: HERE              Floor Plan

Carlson Lodge                            Cedar Lodge

Carlson Lodge has four bedrooms for eight people                    Cedar Lodge has bedrooms ranging from four to thirteen
(four bunk bed per room).  Total capacity is 32.                          people (bunk beds).  Total capacity is 37
More information and interior photos: HERE                               More information and interior photos: HERE
Floor Plan                                                                                    Floor Plan 

Spruce Cabin                              Log Cabin

Spruce Cabin has five bedrooms. Total capacity is 12.               Log Cabin has three bedrooms.  Total capacity is 13.
There are two bathrooms, meeting room and porch.                   There are two bathrooms and a front and back porch.
(four bunk beds and four single beds)                                          (six bunk bed and one single bed)
More information and interior photos: HERE                                More information and interior photos: HERE
Floor Plan                                                                                     Floor Plan

Chalet Apartment                           Gate House

A second floor apartment has three bedrooms.                           A two-story building has three bedrooms. Total capacity 
Total capacity is 8 (eight single beds).  One                                is 8 (eight single beds).  One bathroom, living room,
bathroom, living room and small kitchen.                                    dining room, and small kitchen.
More information and interior photos: HERE                               More information coming soon.
Floor Plan                                                                                   Floor Plan


ADVENTURE SITE:          Adventure Site Map

Rustic Cabins                                 

The Adventure Site is located about 1/4 mile from the Main Site, consisting of six cabin sites with no electricity.  Total capacity of each site is 16 people (cabin #1 sleeps 7, cabin #2 sleeps 9).  Each cabin site has a cooking fireplace and picnic tables with a dining fly.  Bathrooms and showers are located at a central Bath House.  The Adventure Site is usually open from mid-August through late October and late April through May, weather permitting.  There are no indoor meeting rooms at the Adventure Site.  The Adventure Lodge (open pavilion) provides cover for inclement weather.  See each site and cabins. Coming Soon!






Pocono Plateau is a member of the Christian Camp and Conference Association.American Camp Association AccreditationPocono Plateau is an EcoEternity site, an alternative to traditional cemeteries.Pocono Plateau is a chart member of the Association of United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries.