Plateau Information

Main Site

The Main Site is located next to beautiful Pocono Plateau Lake. Heated lodges and meeting rooms are available for groups of 8-175 as well as meal service and recreational facilities.

Moore Lodge

Moore LodgeMoore Lodge's three wings consist of individual rooms for four people (two bunk beds per room). The total capacity of the lodge is 78. Each wing has its own bathroom and shower facility. Moore Lodge has a lobby with a fireplace and central air conditioning throughout the building. The whole lodge or just a portion of it can be used by a group. (The right wing has its own entrance and can be used separately from the rest of the building.) Floor Plan

moore lobby in-moore bathroom

Carlson Lodge

Carlson LodgeCarlson Lodge has a capacity of 32 with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a meeting room with a fireplace, a small refrigerator, and a sink.

carlson meeting



The lodge also has heat and central air-conditioning. Floor Plan


Cedar Lodge

Cedar LodgeCedar Lodge consists of two floors with a bathroom/shower facility on each floor. Upper Cedar has room for 12 (single and bunk beds). Lower Cedar has room for 24 (12 bunk beds). Floor Plan for Upper Cedar and Lower Cedar


Log Cabin

Log CabinLog Cabin has three rooms for a total capacity of 13. One room can house up to four people (two bunk beds), the second room can house up to six (three bunk beds), and the third room can house up to three (one bunk bed and one twin bed). It has two bathroom/shower facilities. During summer camp this facility is used as the infirmary with a registered nurse on duty at all times. Floor Plan


Spruce Cabin

Spruce CabinSpruce Cabin has a total of 13 beds in five bedrooms. There is a meeting room in the building and a covered porch with
porch-swing. Spruce Cabin has two bathrooms. Floor Plan


The Chalet Apartment

Chalet Apartment A loft apartment is available for small groups, families, or couples. The Chalet sleeps 8 (8 single beds) with 1 bathroom, a living room area, and a small kitchen. Floor Plan




The Gate House

A two-story lodge available for small groups, families, or couples. Sleeps 8 (8 single beds) with 1 bathroom, a living room, dining room and a small kitchen. Floor Plan


Meeting Rooms

One meeting room is available to each Main Site retreat group. Meeting rooms are assigned by the Plateau staff based on the size of each group. If multiple meeting spaces are needed for large groups, special arrangements can be made through the Plateau office.

birch room


Birch Room is appropriate for groups of 40 or less. It has chairs, podium, screen, and white board.



fellowship hall



Fellowship Hall has seating for groups up to 125. It has a stage, podium, screen, and restroom.



Springer Center

springer center .

The Springer Center is a multipurpose facility which includes dining room, main kitchen, camp store and wrap around porch with a fireplace.



springer center dining room


The dining hall has a capacity to seat 200 guests at one time, serving food prepared by the Chef buffet style. A typical weekend retreat consists of five hot meals served family-style or buffet. A typical week of summer camp includes 17 hot meals plus evening snacks.


springer center fireplace

The dining hall is open to guests throughout the day, unless a group is holding a meeting there. Hot beverages (coffee & tea) are available all the time.


camp store