Team Building Experiences

Team Building Experience

This experiential learning promotes teamwork, cooperation, and communication skills.  It also encourages emotional and spiritual growth by presenting problems that cannot be solved by one person alone.  The experience uses activities where the group must take the initiative, mentally and/or physically, to solve problems and work together.

Trained facilitators closely monitor the group's progress and will work to connect the activity experiences to the group goals, in efforts to insure that transfer of learning takes place.

Activities may include: the use of various props, be conducted indoors or outside, and may involve the use of various challenge elements (wooden platforms, ropes, etc.).

Activity sequence and selection will correlate with the group goals, abilities, and development.  The Team Building Experience can be scheduled in two hour to multi-day events.

   Challenges are age appropriate for 6th     graders through adults.

The Flying Squirrel

The Flying Squirrel element focuses on trust and group accountability as a participant is attached to a rope and hauled into the air by the rest of the group members pulling on the other end.

The Team Building Experience is a 'prerequisite' for the Flying Squirrel.

The flying squirrel is age appropriate for 6th graders - adults.
          Our High Ropes Courses are a great combination 
            with the Team Building Experience.

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