Clergy Days Apart


Like Elijah, find the Still Small Voice

  As fellow ministers of the Gospel, we recognize the chaos and    

  turmoil that overshadows your ministry in the Vineyards of Jesus,   His 

  Father, and the Spirit.  In an attempt to serve you and support   the calling 

  you have in Christ, we would like to offer you three specific days a year to  



We offer you the space of the Plateau to come and hear the call   

of God in the silence of your heart.  We will provide a simple       

meal of soup and homemade bread on the first Wednesday of February, May, and November if you will schedule a day to escape the whirlwind, the fire, and earthquake.


  The day is yours to seek the LORD.  We want you to know that the Plateau   

  can easily be a Sabbath place for you. Abraham Joshua Heschel called       

  the Sabbath a sanctuary in time; we hope that you will take us up on   

  this  offer.  We want to see you grow  

  in your calling of love.


Jean Vanier identified LOVE as the ability to reveal the beauty   

of others to themselves.  We all know that this type of selfless servant leading can only be gifted out of a life that holds dear and engenders contemplation, covenant community, discernment, hospitality, silence, stillness, spiritual companioning, reflection, and a deep yearning and hungering for God.


  All we ask is that you call one week ahead and let us know that

  you are coming: 570.676.3665.  You are now, and at all times, in

  our heart.


In Jesus,


  + The Plateau Staff